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Is there a larger resolution of that AMAZING FANTASTIC Mechari army artwork on Loremageddon? I would love to have it as my wallpaper! *all the love for the Mechari*

You can download the full size version from our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WildStarOnline.

Just click the image and select “download” from the options menu in the bottom right.


"Your delusions of grandeur led to the ultimate downfall of your own people!"

"At least our creators didn’t abandon us like the failed experiments you Mechari are!"

"You utter extinction is your just reward for meddling in matters best left to the superior Eldan!"

"I would not expect a glorified trash compactor like you to comprehend the severity of your error!"

Doctor Better-than-you, meet Captain Holier-than-thou.

The Mechari belongs to Salorast.

We introduced Loremageddon back in September, and it was a huge success! After receiving over 500 questions, we decided a simple Q&A wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, we are going to answer all your questions through permanent web pages on our site!

To start things off, we are releasing the Aurin and Mechari pages now!

Click the link below for all the lorepocalypse goodness! http://bit.ly/1CM7BTu



HAPPY BIRTHDAY thefusspot!!!! Hope I did your character justice! 

A rather grumpy Gaignan, painstakingly painting a birdhouse and trying not to make a mess. (Birdhouses are lore friendly, right? I looked it up!)

Anyway, thanks for being mah friend! :D Hope you have a good bday!

Oh my god, this is too precious!  Thank you, Lady!

(via wildstarcore)

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