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THE NEXUS REPORT – State of the Game Recap

It’s been almost a year since their last Townhall, but WildStar Central is back to gather together community reps to discuss all aspects of WildStar. Our very own Community Managers, Tony Rey and Mark Hulmes, will be taking part, so don’t miss it!

Complete details here: http://bit.ly/1uwSzBu

North America Town Hall (Tony Rey)
Where: WSC Voice Comms
When: Wednesday 1st Oct, 4pm PDT

European Town Hall (Mark Hulmes)
Where: WSC Voice Comms
When: Thursday 2nd Oct, 7pm BST


Senyc was still while sitting on a bench in the city near where the Vigilant Church gathers.  It was the perfect spot to observe others.  However his focused from others turned to a little life form.  A butterfly landed on his brow.  He remained perfectly still and just watched it.  He wasn’t monitoring the time but time felt trival in the moment.  


Trying cell shading style.  Might add to it.  He’s just really focused on that butterfly.  

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Anonymous asked:
So Twitter gave away their gamescon codes, and I was looking around the Tumblr page for some sign that it happened on Tumblr too. (Which I don't mind, because there's always cool stuff here!) I came up with nothing. Were they given out here? Have people been messaged the codes? Is it still pending? Do Mechari dream of electric sheep? These are the questions on all of our minds!

Winners have been contacted, and we’re in the process of handing out the last handful of codes. Thanks to everyone who participated and reblogged. If you weren’t a lucky winner this time, we’ll be running more giveaways in the future so fret not, Cupcakes.

And Mechari dream of electric rowsdowers, of course. ;)



Chibi commiss done!

Since I had almost two hours to finish the coloring, I decided to do paint the whole thing and not use flats. Hope it’s okay!

Also, I really don’t get why some pictures are huge, and some of them are reduced in size when uploaded. Wtf? Someone explain D:

Pretty sure tumblr is being stupid about resizing stuff right now.  I’ve seen a few people complaining about it, and I also have had problems since yesterday.

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