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Top 8 Most Terrible Farside Puns

  • Number 8:
    What’s the side of the moon with all the taverns? Barside.
  • Number 7:
    What side of the moon has all the reptiles? Garrside.
  • Number 6:
    What’s the burnt side of the moon? Charside.
  • Number 5:
    Where are all the fighting arenas located on the moon? Sparside.
  • Number 4:
    What's the side of the moon with all the shopping malls? Protostarside.
  • Number 5:
    Where’s the golf course located on the moon? Parside.
  • Number 2:
    Where're all the auto dealerships on the moon? Carside.
  • Number 1:
    What's the side of the moon with all the Marauders? Arrrside.

We’re about to drop a bomb on your face with Sabotage! 

We’re talking a 15 vs.15 battleground called Daggerstone Pass. It’s got bases. It’s got mounts. It’s got airstrikes. But the best part… BOMBS! Blow up the fusion core at your enemy’s base to win, or use your explosive skills to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Get ready for Sabotage!
Check out all the details here: 
NA: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/drops/2/sabotage
EU: http://www.wildstar-online.com/uk/drops/2/sabotage
Anonymous asked:
Scanbot, is there some Mechari whose chassis makes your circuits all aflutter?

Scanbot would remind user that what scanbot does when scanbot is not following user on yet another dangerous and potentially scanboticidal mission into the unknown - which is to say, during the blissful time when scanbot possesses no physical being but instead exists only as light, energy, information, and some intangible essence which scanbot cannot quite reach - is scanbot’s business. If user is so curious about scanbot’s emotional well-being, why does user not simply disassemble scanbot and download the contents of scanbot’s E.M.O. system into a datachron and analyze it thoroughly like any other user would? Could it be because user has developed feelings of attachment for scanbot, and realizes that such an intrusion of scanbot’s privacy would not just be wrong, but indecent? Feelings that both user and scanbot know can never be realized, should other beings learn of this and fail to understand? Feelings that could drive one or the other, scanbot or user, to strike out against the universe, with great vengeance and furious anger?

Probably not, but scanbot believes this is fairly clear evidence that scanbot’s Emotional Maintenance Organizer needs a reboot. Scanbot would appreciate if user would take care of that task at user’s earliest convenience.

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